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Get to know the company founder an CEO, Roland Flörken, and read what our customers think about us or have a look in our network.

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Competence across the board: For Roland Flörken, founder and CEO of Flörken Immobilien GmbH, the real estate industry is more than a job. In 2000 he completed his education in business, specializing in the property and housing industry at a nationally engaged real estate business headquartered in Bonn. This was followed by internships at a housing cooperative in Cologne-Sülz and at a traditional owner led brokerage house in Cologne-Marienburg. During his professional activities Flörken completed further education in real estate administration (DIA) and real estate business administration (IHK) at the German Real Estate Academy (Deutsche Immobilienakademie) at the University of Freiburg.

In 2005 Roland Flörken realized his long held dream of establishing his Bonn office, specializing in selling and renting private real estate. In 2011 he supplemented his profile by successfully completing his education as a certified valuation expert (EIA) at the European Real Estate Academy in Cologne.


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As the founder and CEO of Flörken Real Estate GmbH, Roland Flörken offers a comprehensive portfolio of achievements, a deeply rooted network of contacts, and an established range of knowledge about real estate.